Powering Happy Device Owners

New smart devices, apps, and accessories are flooding the market with advanced features and functions that drive customer expectation higher. Apkudo helps make them run well, so users smile.

We believe smart devices are really app platforms.

Traditional testing has not evolved to keep up with this reality,

But Apkudo has.

Pass/Fail testing isn’t enough.
We do more.

We exercise the App Platform using a workload of thousands of apps – top, trending, carrier and under-development apps – across every function of the device.  Because users experience their devices through apps.

We gather millions of data points across thousands of use cases in as many scenarios and environments as possible to reflect real users.  Our automated technology discovers issues traditional use cases do not, so users never will.

We analyze the data to provide quantified user experience insights.  This real data generates actionable information so the best possible user experience is delivered, delighting device owners.

Our Technology

Using Hive Device Platform, our cloud-based smart device-testing platform, we employ a proprietary software and hardware infrastructure for the automated execution, interaction and analysis of a large app workload over a number of devices simultaneously. A good user experience should be the standard; our technology provides the foundation to make that happen.

Quantifying the User Experience

What is a good user experience? One that is dependable, functional, responsive, secure, consistent and efficient across power, heat and data. Users who love their device are good for business.


Apkudo’s App Platform Testing gathers metrics across key experience categories such as display, games, music, video, photography and inputs such as keyboard and voice recognition to discover issues that impact users. Our testing delivers quantifiable data — not just opinions or hunches.

Insights that Improve Smart Devices

We analyze the quantitative data and provide an overview of where a smart device performs well, or not so well, across device categories and compared to other devices in the market. Not only do we find the issues that directly impact user experience, we also apply our expertise to help resolve those issues. Our analysis enables launch of better smart device that makes end users, and our customers, very happy.

A Proud PECB Management System Certificate Holder

We are proudly certified as an AICPA SOC – Service Organization

A Proud PECB Management Certificate Holder

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