Think you know Android?! Name That Device pt. 3

I have a vision that one day soon, all shall use Android phones. And when that day comes it will behoove you to know what has come before. Knowing the history of our beloved Android phones from the HTC G1 to the Samsung Galaxy S3 is just as important as knowing how to speak French or build a canoe. The knowledge of Android smartphones can only strengthen our future devices. And so, my fellow Android lovers, go forth on this day to be confounded by the challenge ahead. Be stumped by scores of Android devices in the App Analytics Lab. Can you identify them all?

Stay thirsty, my friends… Thirsty for the knowledge of Android devices. And now, the rules:

  • Take a look at the hint and try to guess what the mystery device is.
  • Post your answers in the comments section below. Each person to get it right will be entered into a drawing to win a free Apkudo t-shirt (they’re pretty badass).
  • When posting your answer, be sure to include your Twitter address so we can get in touch with you. No Twitter address? That’s cool – just check back to the blog to see if you won.
  • All answers must be submitted within 5 days of the post, and only one answer per person will be accepted.

And here is this weeks hint:

Swallow, gobble, consume, ingest

This Android device you might have already guessed

Think of a number that’s three of a kind

Think of a phone robustly designed

A pull out keyboard and touchscreen combined

Now comment the answer that springs to your mind

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