Ice Cream Sandwich

Improved Android User Experience Saves Half A Million Dollars

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Regional carrier Cincinnati Bell was faced with a problem: Customers were returning too many Android devices, and operating costs were slowly rising as a result. With smartphone penetration moving past the mass market and into the laggard category, many are getting their first taste of smartphones on free and lower-power Android devices, and they’re not thrilled. The core reason for customer device returns at Cincinnati Bell was poor user experience. Continue reading…

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Android Camera Quality: objectively assessing those happy snaps

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It can be debated that the camera is one of the most used features of a smartphone, and thus one of the most important. It’s no wonder too – the inclusion of a small and convenient camera subsystem in the everyday phone has created more opportunities for capturing those quick snaps that wind up on Facebook, your wallpaper, or in the family album. Wherever it ends up though, no one wants the blurry photo of Sasquatch, or even something that was missed entirely (some of the device’s we’ve seen are so slow, they’d only capture an empty track during the…

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Of CES, Fragmentation, and Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Hear ye, hear ye, fellow tech nerds! The glorious Consumer Electronics Show is upon us and you know what that means, right? A crop of new Android phones! But with the bountiful harvest of these snazzy new gadgets comes…dun dun dun…fragmentation! Ah, fragmentation. The Android application developers mortal coil. Different UIs from different OEMs, divergence in hardware, look and feel, behavior, APIs, etc, etc, we developers need a hero. Enter Ice Cream Sandwich. While ICS is a step in the right direction for fragmentation in some respects (e.g. unifying Honeycomb and Gingerbread), there are some ways it makes things a…

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