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Apkudo Acquires Blue Potato

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Acquisition Expands Apkudo’s Wireless Device Testing and Certification Capabilities  November 25, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the device quality assurance company, today announced the acquisition of Blue Potato, an innovative wireless device testing and certification company headquartered in San Diego, California. Blue Potato currently provides technical expertise and testing services to help OEMs/ODMs and wireless operators bring their devices to market more quickly by leveraging their knowledge of North American lab approvals to navigate the end-to-end approval process. Its cost effective approach in providing functional device testing as a managed service allows OEMs and wireless operators to focus their…

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Meet Apkudo’s Newest Employee – Ben “Sponge BRog” Rogers!

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You know what’s awesome? No, not “Gangnam Style.” Focus, people! That song isn’t even a little bit awesome! What’s awesome is when you have an employee that starts off as a part-timer but then proves themselves to be so perfect for the team you’re like, “Hey, let’s give this guy some health insurance. And a full time job.” When Ben Rogers started here a few months ago he quickly learned the ins-and-outs of the Device Analytics lab and was eager to get his hands on everything in the App Analytics lab, too. The guy is like a sponge (earning him…

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Cheap tablet, meet Apkudo. Apkudo, meet cheap tablet!

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There’s no doubt that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been a runaway success since it launched Q4 ‘11. Part of the success is due to its affordable price of $199, enabling it to appeal to a wider audience – something many other Android tablets in the past have struggled to achieve. However, the caveat of the affordable tablet not being Google certified predominantly means it doesn’t have access to Google’s content services, instead, relying on Amazon’s own offerings. Although Amazon’s application store is nothing to sneeze at, its 31,000 apps (March 2012) is a small handful compared to Android’s share of…

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