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Reliance Launches “Tested with Apkudo” Accessories

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Reliance Launches First Suite of Apkudo Approved Accessories Apkudo analyzes eight Nakamichi devices to ensure the best possible user experience  September 3, 2014 – Baltimore, MD, and Hauppauge, NY – Apkudo, the mobile device quality assurance company, and Reliance Communications, one of the nation’s premier wireless distribution companies, today announced that Reliance has successfully launched the first group of “Tested with Apkudo” accessories. A total of eight Nakamichi Bluetooth™ speakers and headsets, as well as wired headsets underwent Apkudo’s rigorous and comprehensive testing process before being cleared for launch. Reliance is the exclusive distributor of Nakamichi headphones and portable Bluetooth…

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Testing with Monkey

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There’s no point sugar-coating it: testing is not exactly the most fun you can have with a computer. However, it’s an important part of providing a good user experience. Well-tested apps make their users happy, and happy users don’t post incomprehensible one-star reviews like these (taken from a recent sampling of high-ranking Market apps): On Android, there are many options available for automated testing, starting with the Android Testing Fundamentals page, then moving on to beta testing and advanced automated testing packages like Robotium. But how many people actually use these tools? At Apkudo, we’re interested in questions like these,…

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