Reliance Launches “Tested with Apkudo” Accessories

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Reliance Launches First Suite of Apkudo Approved Accessories Apkudo analyzes eight Nakamichi devices to ensure the best possible user experience  September 3, 2014 – Baltimore, MD, and Hauppauge, NY – Apkudo, the mobile device quality assurance company, and Reliance Communications, one of the nation’s premier wireless distribution companies, today announced that Reliance has successfully launched the first group of “Tested with Apkudo” accessories. A total of eight Nakamichi Bluetooth™ speakers and headsets, as well as wired headsets underwent Apkudo’s rigorous and comprehensive testing process before being cleared for launch. Reliance is the exclusive distributor of Nakamichi headphones and portable Bluetooth…

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Apkudo Announces Apkudo Approved for Accessories

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Pressy to test with Apkudo  September 17, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the Android innovation company, today announced the launch of Apkudo Approved for Accessories. The program – an extension of Apkudo Approved device analysis – will test pre- and post-market accessories in the context of Android devices to provide wireless operators, distributors, and retailers a comprehensive experience assessment above and beyond the limited testing done today. This analysis will expose likely areas of consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, providing the data to identify poor experience risks prior to approval to carry, stock, and sell. Apkudo Approved for Accessories will…

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