Reliance says “we are adding the ‘Tested with Apkudo’ mark to our packaging”

Reliance Communications Selects Apkudo Approved Testing to Optimize Accessory Launches

Apkudo analyzes mobile device accessories to improve user experience

July 15, 2014 – Baltimore, MD, and Hauppauge, NY – Apkudo, the mobile device quality assurance company, and Reliance Communications, one of the nation’s premier wireless distribution companies, today announced that Reliance is using the industry-leading Apkudo Approved accessory testing to further its focus on quality. Initially, Apkudo will test the Nakamichi line of audio accessories to ensure the best user experience. Reliance is the exclusive distributor of Nakamichi products in the US and Canada.

Apkudo analyzes wireless accessories and how they are used in conjunction with devices to provide a comprehensive experience assessment above and beyond technical and functional testing. Because accessories have the ability to change the device experience – a carrying case can cover a microphone, for example – it is important to consider the impact an accessory has on a device rather than approving it on specs and price alone.

“By adding Apkudo Approved accessory testing to our pre-launch efforts, we can be sure we meet the highest standards in the industry and meet or exceed customer expectations,” said Cornelius VanGinhoven, Vice President, Product Management at Reliance Communications. “Based on our confidence in the value of this process, we are adding the ‘Tested with Apkudo’ mark to packaging to reflect the incremental measures we’re taking and their value to the consumer.”

“Reliance has established a leadership role in terms of making sure products they carry provide the best possible user experience,” said Josh Matthews, co-founder and CEO of Apkudo. “Adding Apkudo testing to the process will help Reliance to improve customer satisfaction, reduce returns, and optimize their accessory portfolio.”

Apkudo’s analysis of Nakamichi headphones and speakers completed this month.

About Reliance Communications
Reliance Communications is a one-stop service solution for the wireless industry, focusing on distribution, product development and reverse logistics. Reliance is a national distributor of the newest wireless devices and accessories and one of only three authorized distributors for Verizon Wireless in the US. Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Reliance has over 20 years of experience throughout the wireless ecosystem as a retailer, agent, master agent and distributer. For more information please visit our website 

About Apkudo
A mobile device quality assurance company, Apkudo is pioneering analysis technologies that deeply and holistically test pre-release mobile devices against millions of different possible use-cases and activities to discover bugs and refine the user interface and experience, taking devices from bad to good, and good to great. Apkudo works with many of the world’s largest device manufacturers and over 50 U.S. carriers.

Apkudo is headquartered in Baltimore, MD. The Apkudo team includes deep research expertise with mobile operating systems including optimization, usability and performance testing, and is focused on helping the ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience to all device owners. Learn more at and email for additional information.

Apkudo Press Contact:
Barbara Henris
Quexor Group
+1 703 470 9446

Reliance Press Contact:
Jeanne Healy
Reliance Communications
+1 631-240-8337



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