Reliance Launches “Tested with Apkudo” Accessories

Reliance Launches First Suite of Apkudo Approved Accessories

Apkudo analyzes eight Nakamichi devices to ensure the best possible user experience 

September 3, 2014 – Baltimore, MD, and Hauppauge, NY – Apkudo, the mobile device quality assurance company, and Reliance Communications, one of the nation’s premier wireless distribution companies, today announced that Reliance has successfully launched the first group of “Tested with Apkudo” accessories. A total of eight Nakamichi Bluetooth™ speakers and headsets, as well as wired headsets underwent Apkudo’s rigorous and comprehensive testing process before being cleared for launch. Reliance is the exclusive distributor of Nakamichi headphones and portable Bluetooth speaker products in the US and Canada.

Apkudo surpasses simple functional testing to analyze wireless accessories from both a technical and user experience perspective to determine how devices will perform in real-world use cases. This allows service providers and distributors to manage their accessory portfolio based on the user experience delivered, in addition to technical specifications and pricing.

“The entire Apkudo Approved process has been extremely valuable,” said Cornelius VanGinhoven, Vice President of Product Management at Reliance Communications. “They reviewed the Nakamichi products down to the most granular detail, giving us extensive detailed reports that we could use with the manufacturer to make these great accessories even better.”

“An accessory that has the ‘Tested with Apkudo’ mark has gone through the most thorough and in-depth testing in the industry,” said Josh Matthews, co-founder and CEO of Apkudo. “Other accessory testing companies simply provides pass/fail results without any insights or actionable data to make accessories better.”

Reliance will begin offering Nakamichi headphones and speakers for sale to customers in September 2104.

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Reliance Communications is a one-stop service solution for the wireless industry, focusing on distribution, product development and reverse logistics. Reliance is a national distributor of the newest wireless devices and accessories and one of only three authorized distributors for Verizon Wireless in the US. Headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, Reliance has over 20 years of experience throughout the wireless ecosystem as a retailer, agent, master agent and distributer. For more information please visit our website 


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