Name That Device! And The Week 2 Winner Is….

I’d like to thank everyone who participated in our second “Name That Device!” contest. However, there can only be one winner. Keep reading our awesome blog, you might win something fantastic (like a t-shirt)! Oh yeah – and to make things easier there’s even a Follow widget and a signup bar to the right. So easy!

Last week’s hint was:

The edge of a knife, the tip of a sword

In the US this brand is often ignored 

Both TV and phone share the same name

You’ll need more than the model to win at this game

Composed of mixed origin, like a Prius or Leaf

Plus the fact that its waterproof is quite a relief 

Include the whole name or your answer we’ll forgo

Now put your guess in the comments below

It is my honor, my privilege, and my pleasure to congratulate the winner of our second Name That Device! Contest. Drum roll please…..

Dan S, who correctly guessed “Sharp AQUOS Phone “The Hybrid”, also known as the Softbank 007SH”

“Oh Danny booooy….the shirts, the shirts, you’ll be weaaarinnnngggg…” Thanks so much, Dan! And well done!

In the meantime, brush up on your Android Device knowledge. We’ll have another contest next week. Thanks again for everyone’s participation!

Happy hacking,

Asa Gismervik, Lab Manager

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