Josh Matthews Appointed to Application Developers Alliance Board of Directors!

We’re very proud to announce that Josh was recently appointed to the Application Developers Alliance Board of Directors! Here’s our press release announcing it:

Apkudo CEO Josh Matthews Appointed to Application Developers Alliance Board of Directors

Matthews Named as a Founding Director of Newly Formed Apps Alliance

April 11, 2012 – Baltimore – Apkudo, Inc., an Android innovation start-up, today announced the appointment of Josh Matthews as a Founding Director to the Application Developers Alliance Board of Directors. With a breadth of experience in the embedded Android ecosystem in addition to being a champion for Android application developers through Apkudo, Matthews’ role enforces the Alliance’s commitment to the needs of the Android developer.

“The smartphone revolution has provided an unprecedented opportunity to app developers: the ability to literally deliver innovation into the hands of hundreds of millions of consumers was almost unimaginable just a few short years ago,” said Josh Matthews, Apkudo CEO and co-founder. “With that opportunity comes responsibility: to those consumers, to whom we owe a debt of understanding and appreciation for fundamental issues such as privacy and security; and to ourselves, to remember our roots and stand united in an industry where we once had no standing. The Application Developers Alliance provides the platform for that unity, and we are proud to be part of it.”

The Apps Alliance Board will be responsible for guiding the organization, formally launched Jan. 3, 2012, to deliver services to developers and drive innovation and growth within the development industry. Since its formation three months ago, Apps Alliance membership has already grown to more than 4,500 individual developers and 45 corporate members and service sponsors.

“The Application Developers Alliance is dedicated to supporting developers of every type across all languages and platforms, promoting their best interests, and addressing their unique challenges,” said Jon Potter, president, Application Developers Alliance. “Our top priority is to help developers turn great ideas into great apps. Apkudo represents the very best of the application development industry and our membership and we are excited to have them as both a member and as a driving voice on our Board of Directors. Josh and his team will be an invaluable resource to the Alliance and our members.”

Matthews joins a diverse and dynamic board of directors that includes global platforms Google and RIM; content publishers AT&T Interactive and CBS Interactive; leading tool developers and application producers such as Media Chaperone, TMSOFT, Locaid Technologies, appMobi and The Echo Nest; and evangelists and innovators like Robert Scoble, Joel Spolsky and Brad Feld. The board will convene for the first time April 24, 2012 in San Francisco.


Thanks to everyone at the Application Developers Alliance for their support! We look forward to working with you all. Congratulations to Josh – we know you’ll do a fantastic job representing the needs of Android app developers on the ADA Board!

-Kate Lyons

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