Device Administrator

Baltimore, Maryland

Posted 2 years ago

The Device Administrator is responsible for any in-house devices that have been received for testing and/or reference related purposes. Along with this responsibility the Administrator is also accountable for all Company SIMs and Accessories used for testing. The Administrator is the custodian of these devices from the time they are received by Apkudo until they are returned back to the Customer. The Administrator should demonstrate discretion during the performance of this position as many times proprietary and non-commercial devices or software will be handled.

• Responsible for Lab Entry and Inventory Management of all Carrier/Company/OEM devices. Involves tagging devices into inventory system, determining specs and pulling system files/logs
• Project Lead for improving Inventory Procedures and Systems
• Maintain database for both SIMs and Devices that are consistently updating.
• Flash official and proprietary firmware updates to devices for testing (normal, validation, regression); enable OEM logging on Debug devices; enable and ensure root access for tests involving those devices
• Ensure Company has up-to-date reference devices from Carriers to validate issues that may occur on multiple OEMs and Android Versions. Check monthly on carriers’ websites for new phones, tablets, and accessories.
• Interact with Customers, Engineering, and Sales/Account Managers to ensure delivery of devices and reports on tight deadlines.
• Work with teammates to streamline existing test plans and contribute to the development and validation of new test plans for current testing categories and any future testing services as needed
• Draft, revise, and peer-review standard operating procedures and overall company policies
• Conduct research on technical developments with mobile devices and writing reports on various related topics
• Troubleshoot related device and performance issues on site as required; Manage resulting log files which can include reviewing for accuracy and content, and support report construction/generation as requested
• Capture and record test results; interpret results for internal staff and customers
• Be able to stand in for Mobile Device Test Technician role as required
• Other duties as required

• High School Diploma Required, Associates Degree desired but not required
• Dependable
• Excellent written and verbal skills to communicate with a demonstrated ability to produce technical reports and document each step of the test process
• Proficiency with data handling in MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint and Google Drive equivalents
• The ability to meet deadlines while overseeing multiple short-term projects – individual must be detailed and organized
• Familiarity with Mac or Linux, Android smartphones and tablets, programming languages are a plus
• Possess a strong desire to learn new technologies and work methods
• Mobile device testing experience is highly desirable
• Ability to work in a cross-functional group environment
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Highly self-motivated, energetic, proactive and results-oriented
• Ability to work second shift, if needed

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