It’s a New Year and a New Look

By January 15, 2015Apkudo Buzz

As mobile technology has moved from the feature phones of the early 2000’s to the smart device ecosystem of today, it has opened a whole new world of innovation and complexity. Innovation has led to smart phones, as well tablets, wearables and all kinds of different smart accessories. And smart devices have become a platform for apps, of which there are thousands available to users. All this complexity means there are an uncountable number of experiences created through smart devices.  

Apkudo embraces this complexity. We are leading the way to help the world make sense of the billions of experiences smart devices enable. Our goal is to change the landscape of device testing to include user experience testing as a standard and our brand and its values reflect that. The refreshed is the first look at our new brand identity. Notice the use of new colors, the change in imagery, and the evolution of our logo.


This is just the start; we will keep building and adapting – just like we do every day quantifying user experiences for our customers! Keep checking back for new content and as always, contact us at to talk more about how we think about smart device testing.

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