In the News – Apkudo Launches Carrier Pack

Apkudo Launches Carrier Pack on the NUU N4L and N5L

Ensures Carrier Desired Device Configuration without Software Customization

August 4, 2016 – Baltimore, MD – Today, Apkudo announced that it has launched Carrier Pack on the NUU N5L and N4L. Carrier Pack allows original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to develop a generic software SKU that can serve individual carrier customization requirements. Carrier Pack dynamically manages configurable device settings such as APNs and network settings as well as other experiences such as start-up screens, pre-load apps, contacts and content.

Carrier Pack enables carrier configuration and customization to be packaged, distributed, and installed on devices in a flexible and simple manner, similar to consumer apps. Carriers are empowered to own and manage the configuration of their devices without the overhead and barrier-to-entry of requiring direct OEM support, improving time to market, competitiveness, and consumer happiness. OEMs are able to target and support a far broader reach of carriers – hence, consumers – with much lower overhead and cost, while still maintaining the necessary control and security over their own brand and the experiences provided by their devices.

“Apkudo’s Carrier Pack technology is designed to provide efficiencies to both OEMs and carriers while allowing flexibility to customize the device experience with ease,” said Josh Matthews, Co-founder and CEO of Apkudo.

“We are excited about this partnership with CCA and Apkudo to bring a quality, customized device to market,” said John Murtha, VP of Sales at NUU Mobile.  “It’s partnerships like this that we believe can really separate NUU Mobile from its competitors and allow the company to best serve its customers.”

Apkudo and NUU Mobile are participating in the CCA Device Hub, powered by Apkudo. CCA Device Hub Member Union Wireless trialed and tested the Carrier Pack technology with device manufacturer NUU Mobile and will distribute devices through wireless phone wholesaler YAM Wireless.

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