Get Buzzed with Apkudo at AnDevCon

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Launching a company is no easy feat. We’ve all been busy bees preparing to launch the Apkudo test platform. We’re also gearing up for our participation at AnDevCon, which is going to be our little taste of honey.

We’ve got a lot going on at AnDevCon – here’s the buzz:

1) Apkudo CEO Josh Matthews will participate in the “Lightning Talk” sessions between 4:45 pm – 6:15 pm on Monday, November 7. Josh is going to give a super-fast, super-fun presentation on Android’s biggest challenge – the F word (not that F word, the other F word – fragmentation!) – and how Apkudo can help overcome it. The “Lightning Talk” sessions are 5 minutes per company, so make sure not to blink or you’ll miss it.

2) We’re Platinum Sponsors – come check us out at booth #606 and watch us demo the Apkudo test platform to see apps run on every Available Android device. If you stop by our booth and chat with the team about your Android testing needs, you’ll get a free t-shirt. Trust us, you want to get one of these shirts. Why?

3) Free booze. I’ll say that again. Free. Booze. Look, you’ve probably worked really hard to get to this conference. We sure have. If you’re anything like us, at this point you’re parched and you could really use a pint or two. Or three. Who’s counting? If you come by, chat to the team about your Android testing needs and get a t-shirt from us, you’re invited to the Apkudo After Party at Knuckles Sports Bar, conveniently located in the Hyatt hotel. From 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm, Tuesday November 8th, everyone wearing an Apkudo “Get Buzzed” t-shirt drinks for free. To get the free drinks (and some food, we wouldn’t want you to starve), you gotta wear the t-shirt. To get the t-shirt, you gotta visit our booth. Cool? Plus we think it’d be pretty funny to see everyone at a bar wearing the same t-shirt.

4) No, you say? So t-shirts, booze, and a free way to see your app run on every available Android device aren’t good enough incentives? Boy, you’re a tough crowd. I suppose we could sweeten the deal…OK, fine. Stop by our booth and drop off a business card into our “AnDevCon Winner’s Circle” fish bowl for a chance to win a Droid Bionic. Who loves ya, baby?

5) So maybe you’re not the t-shirt wearing, beer guzzling, Droid Bionic winning developer-type. Maybe you’re more of the “I’m here to learn” developer-type. Fair enough. We applaud you and we’ve got something for you, too. On Wednesday, November 9, Apkudo CTO Nicholas Fitzroy-Dale will be presenting the class, “Testing Sucks – But it Doesn’t Have To” from 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm. The class will demonstrate the test platform and describe the philosophy behind the Apkudo testing approach, along with the tools advocated by Apkudo engineers for low-effort, high-return testing. In particular, it will discuss the advantages, limitations, and use of Monkey, one of the standard Android utilities. Participants will learn that testing doesn’t have to suck, and that it is possible to take the monotony and pain out of the Android testing experience. Take a look at our press release to learn more.

After all of your Apkudo participation at AnDevCon you should leave knowing who we are and seeing what we can do. One person will leave with a Droid Bionic. Others will leave: Clothed? Hopefully. Hungover? Probably. Buzzed? Definitely.

Don’t forget: Make your Android apps buzz at booth #606!!

See you at AnDevCon.

Kate Lyons

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