Apkudo: n. [ap-coo-doe]: the art of understanding and quantifying smart device experiences.

1.  Passion for understanding complexity
2. Designed to make life better for device owners

Apkudo is Redefining Smart Device Testing

Founded in 2011, Apkudo is a smart device test company that helps the world make sense of the billions of experiences smart devices enable. Because we understand that smart devices are now app platforms, we have moved beyond traditional pass/fail testing to build the wireless test platform providing the smart device ecosystem with a way to measure user experience. Our patent-pending technology exposes issues on and promotes understanding of experiences so the device ecosystem launches better smart devices. The Apkudo team includes deep research expertise with the Android operating system including optimization, usability and performance testing and is focused on helping the ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience to all device owners.

We are headquartered in Baltimore, MD with offices in San Diego, CA, Bellevue, WA and Sydney, Australia.

Some companies that trust us: