Cincinnati Bell Saved $500,000.00 Using Objective User Experience Data to Reduce Android Device Returns

Cincinnati Bell Saved $500,000.00 Using Objective User Experience Data to Reduce Android Device Returns

May 29, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the Android innovation company, today announced the release of a case study with wireless carrier Cincinnati Bell discussing how their use of the Apkudo Approved program on one of their Android devices saved the company at least half a million dollars in device return associated costs over the course of a year. Apkudo Approved objectively analyzes the user experience of a carrier’s Android devices, generating millions of data points against potential user and app scenarios allowing carriers to better understand, standardize, stabilize and create a better user experience. Cincinnati Bell has since mandated that all of their Android devices must now complete the Apkudo Approved program before release to consumers.

Android is a huge opportunity for wireless carriers, having shipped in 75% of  smartphones sold in Q1 2013. With hundreds of makes and models released yearly, Android gives consumers unprecedented choice and represents a critical element in a regional carrier’s growth strategy. Android can also bring frustration to carriers when releasing these devices. Cincinnati Bell was no exception, having experienced the difficulty of releasing these complex devices with mixed results.

In order to reduce the dreaded ‘no trouble found’ device returns (associated as poor user experience) Cincinnati Bell enlisted the help of Apkudo to analyze the user experience of one of their high-tier Android devices. The Apkudo Approved program uncovered a number of key user experience issues, allowing Cincinnati Bell to present objective, third-party to the OEM to assist in mitigating the issues before the device’s release. After the device was launched Cincinnati Bell calculated at least a $500,000.00 savings from potential device return-associated costs over the course of a year for this one device, then moved to mandate that all devices will be Apkudo Approved to realize similar savings. Cincinnati Bell saved time and money while making their customers happy.

To learn more about how Apkudo Approved helped Cincinnati Bell mitigate issues early and save half a million dollars, please download the case study:

About Apkudo
An Android user experience innovation company, Apkudo is pioneering analysis technologies that deeply and holistically test pre-release Android devices against millions of different possible use-cases and activities to discover bugs and refine the user interface and experience, taking devices from bad to good, and good to great. Apkudo works with many of the world’s largest device manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, and LG, and carriers such as MetroPCS, Cricket and Cincinnati Bell.

Apkudo is headquartered in Baltimore, MD. The Apkudo team includes deep research expertise with the Android operating system including optimization, usability and performance testing, and is focused on helping the ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience to Android device owners. Learn more at and email for additional information.

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