Improved Android User Experience Saves Half A Million Dollars

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Regional carrier Cincinnati Bell was faced with a problem: Customers were returning too many Android devices, and operating costs were slowly rising as a result. With smartphone penetration moving past the mass market and into the laggard category, many are getting their first taste of smartphones on free and lower-power Android devices, and they’re not thrilled. The core reason for customer device returns at Cincinnati Bell was poor user experience. Continue reading…

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How the ‘Little Guy’ Wireless Carriers are Battling AT&T and Verizon

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This article originally ran April 18, 2013, on Forbes How the ‘Little Guy’ Wireless Carriers are Battling AT&T and Verizon Just off the top of your head, how many U.S. mobile network operators can you name? Four? Six? There are more than thirty, according to the CTIA, and if you named fewer than eight, you probably didn’t name any third-tier regional carriers, the real “little guys” of the mobile communications biz. They have smaller networks, smaller subscriber bases, and a hard time competing against top-tier behemoths that sport the newest and hottest devices. Today, a new weapon for these “little…

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