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Apkudo Wants to Handle Android Fragmentation so Carriers and Developers Don’t Have To

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This article originally ran April 19, 2013, on TechCrunch Apkudo Wants to Handle Android Fragmentation so Carriers and Developers Don’t Have To Baltimore-based Apkudo is debuting its “Apkudo Approved” program this week, extending its existing work with making sure that Android apps and devices perform well for consumers. The company has positioned itself in a growth market, to act as a layer both between developers and devices, and between devices and carriers, to help both parties deal with the fractured and often maze-like landscape of the Android hardware market. Keep reading…

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Fragmentation Fix: Apkudo on how it plans to make Android developers’ lives a little easier

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This article originally ran April 19, 2013, on Pocket Gamer Fragmentation Fix: Apkudo on how it plans to make Android developers’ lives a little easier And for free, too Fragmentation has been an albatross around the figurative neck of Android for years now. Although the increasing popularity of certain Nexus devices has helped to some extent, the problem remains a pertinent one for mobile game developers operating on the platform. It’s an issue that Apkudo is looking to solve, both for developers and OEMs. Keep reading..

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How the ‘Little Guy’ Wireless Carriers are Battling AT&T and Verizon

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This article originally ran April 18, 2013, on Forbes How the ‘Little Guy’ Wireless Carriers are Battling AT&T and Verizon Just off the top of your head, how many U.S. mobile network operators can you name? Four? Six? There are more than thirty, according to the CTIA, and if you named fewer than eight, you probably didn’t name any third-tier regional carriers, the real “little guys” of the mobile communications biz. They have smaller networks, smaller subscriber bases, and a hard time competing against top-tier behemoths that sport the newest and hottest devices. Today, a new weapon for these “little…

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6 Things The Facebook Phone MUST Do

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This article originally ran April 10, 2013, on Business Insider 6 Things The Facebook Phone MUST Do So far it seems like people just don’t care about the Facebook phone. We reached out to Josh Matthews, CEO and co-founder of Apkudo, a company that helps developers improve their Android apps and has done the testing and optimization for companies like Samsung and Sony, to talk details on the impending phone. Keep reading…

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Apkudo Announces ‘Apkudo Approved’ – A Standard for Device Manufacturers and Wireless Carriers to Perfect Their Android Devices

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Apkudo Announces ‘Apkudo Approved’ – A Standard for Device Manufacturers and Wireless Carriers to Perfect Their Android Devices

‘Approved’ to bring an end to ‘Android Fragmentation’

April 18, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the Android innovation company, today announced the Apkudo Approved program for objectively analyzing the user experience of pre-release Android smartphones and tablets. By helping companies standardize, stabilize and overall make a better user experience and Android device, Apkudo is helping end the disastrous effect of Android fragmentation. Having tested, deeply analyzed, and reported on thousands of apps and hundreds of Android devices for device makers like Samsung and HTC, Apkudo knows how to create an Android experience that consumers love.

Apkudo Approved, a comprehensive user experience analytics suite, helps mobile carriers and device manufacturers launch successful Android devices by using millions of data-points to quickly and deeply assess the device before it gets in the hands of consumers. An Apkudo Approved device is one that provides a consistent, stable, and smooth user experience – to achieve that, Apkudo characterizes Android device behavior under a plethora of app usage scenarios based on different kinds of users, apps, and potential situations. By reporting what the device is good at, great at, and bad at, and by identifying critical areas for improvement, the Apkudo Approved standard ensures device makers and wireless carriers release the best possible Android product. By finding device and application performance problems before release, and honing in on the exact type of consumer the device is best suited to, carriers and device makers launch Android handsets and tablets with greater confidence of commercial success – and happy customers.

  • Apkudo Approved analyzes the user experience of a pre-launch Android device, finding problems before consumers do.
  • With analysis taking a week or less, Apkudo Approved helps companies launch the device faster.
  • Apkudo Approved compares the device across the carrier’s and device maker’s full device portfolio (and their competitors’ portfolios), helping companies compete.
  • Apkudo works with thousands of app developers, giving carriers and device makers the knowledge that their phones will be compatible with bleeding-edge apps.
  • Apkudo Approved acts as a strategic device/consumer “match-maker”, enabling carriers to target the device so the right consumer gets the right device that meets their needs and expectations.
  • Apkudo Approved reduces device returns, resulting in increased profits and happier customers.

“The Apkudo Approved program is the industry’s most comprehensive way to look at an Android device, analyze every aspect of the user experience and say, ‘Here’s how it excels, here’s where it needs work, here are the things that must be addressed before launch, and here’s the consumer segment to market it to’,” said Josh Matthews, Apkudo Co-founder and CEO.

“Android is the most versatile and unique mobile operating system on the planet. With that comes fragmentation and the trouble of the millions of different ways things can go wrong when apps, people and devices are used in different ways. If you put your device through Apkudo Approved, it’ll be used in almost every single way it can be – and you’ll get the right advice to make it the best it can be.”

About Apkudo Approved

Apkudo Approved helps wireless carriers and device manufacturers make better Android devices. Apkudo works with carriers and device manufacturers early in the device-approvals process and throughout technical acceptance to put any phone or app through almost every conceivable Android user activity or use-case. The Apkudo Approved data-driven approach gets phones launched faster, finds issues quickly, and significantly reduces device return associated costs. The end result is a better device delivered into the hands of consumers that want it.

About Apkudo

An Android user experience innovation company, Apkudo is pioneering analysis technologies that deeply and holistically test pre-release Android devices against millions of different possible use-cases and activities to discover bugs and refine the user interface and experience, taking devices from bad to good, and good to great. Apkudo works with many of the world’s largest device manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, HTC, and LG, and carriers such as MetroPCS, Cricket and Cincinnati Bell.

Apkudo is headquartered in Baltimore, MD. The Apkudo team includes deep research expertise with the Android operating system including optimization, usability and performance testing, and is focused on helping the ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience to Android device owners. Learn more at and email for additional information.



Apkudo Approved

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Beyond Satisfied: The Android revolution starts at home.

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This article originally appeared on the Competitive Carriers Association April Newsletter. Since the first device launched in 2008, the Android platform has emerged as a volume leader and an incredible enabler of mobile innovation. The phenomenal success in the smartphone market speaks for itself – in Q4 2012 the Android OS accounted for 70% of global smartphone shipments, up from 51% in Q4 2011, with application downloads exceeding 25 billion. It gets better: Android’s reign as smartphone market king isn’t ending anytime soon. In fact, mobile industry analyst firm IHS iSuppli projects that in 2013 alone, 451 million Android devices will be…

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Taming Android One Device at a Time – This is How We Do It

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The Apkudo For Developers (hereafter, AFD) backend is the brains behind your app tests. Made up of hundreds of devices networked together, this distributed system allows you to analyze your app’s performance and compatibility across the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Android devices. This post goes over some of what makes it tick, as well as some of what ticks us off—the problems we’ve run into while setting it up. Let’s Get Started We’ll start things off with a brief overview. The AFD backend consists primarily of a set of servers running custom software that allows us to manage, and,…

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Apkudo Joins the Competitive Carriers Association

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Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, an Android user experience innovation company, today announced it has joined the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) as an Associate Member. The CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. The licensed service area of CCA’s more than 100 members covers 95 percent of the nation. As leaders in Android device analysis, Apkudo helps worldwide mobile device manufacturers and network operators assess every aspect of the user experience of Android devices before launch, providing an opportunity to optimize performance, better market and position devices, and improve customer satisfaction. “We’ve…

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Apkudo Announces Public Availability of Free App Compatibility Analysis Platform “Apkudo for Developers”

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Lets Developers Run Their Apps on Every Available Android Device Before They Launch January 24, 2013 – Baltimore – Apkudo, an Android user experience innovation company, today announced the public availability of the Apkudo for Developers platform. Now out of private beta, Apkudo for Developers reduces launch anxiety by allowing developers to run their pre-launch apps on every available Android device in the Apkudo portfolio, providing detailed reports on which device models, Android versions, and manufacturers their app passed or failed on – and also what kind of failures they can expect. A free service, Apkudo gives Android application developers…

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