Apkudo Partners With China’s Largest Test Lab

CATR to Analyze Device User Experience in China

December 10, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the device quality assurance company, and the China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT (CATR), today announced that the companies have agreed to deliver Apkudo’s device user experience testing and analysis to the Chinese market. Apkudo Approved, a comprehensive user experience analytics suite, helps wireless operators and device manufacturers successfully launch their mobile devices.

An Apkudo Approved device is one that provides a consistent, reliable, and well-characterized user experience. The Apkudo partnership will allow Terminal Test Labs (TTL) within CATR to help their customers determine how their devices perform across millions of different user scenarios, exercising key apps, and comparing them to every other similar device on the market.

“China is the largest wireless device market in the world,” said Song Chongwen, Director of Marketing and Sales at TTL. “This market has matured so rapidly that user experience is often an afterthought. It is critical the dominant Chinese operators and manufacturers now aggressively focus on how to make their customers’ user experience better.”

“Apkudo is committed to helping the mobile device ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience. TTL currently tests about 1000 devices a year, and with Apkudo’s help they can ensure that higher quality devices get into the hands of Chinese consumers,” said Josh Matthews, CEO of Apkudo.

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