Apkudo Joins the IEEE Standards Association Camera Phone Image Quality Working Group as Corporate Member

By August 22, 2012Press Releases

New IEEE Standard Project Designed to Help Consumers Judge Camera Phone Image Quality When Making Purchasing Decisions

August 22, 2012 – Baltimore – Apkudo Inc., an Android innovation start-up, today announced it has joined the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) as a Corporate Member to help drive the development of standards to evolve camera phone image quality. The new IEEE P1858™ – Draft Standard for Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) – development project aims to specify methods and metrics for analyzing a mobile device’s image quality. As leaders in Android device analysis via Apkudo Device Analytics, Apkudo helps worldwide mobile device manufacturers and network operators assess every aspect of the user experience of Android devices – including the camera – well before launch, providing an opportunity to optimize the performance, better target the device, and improve customer satisfaction.

“We have analyzed the camera performance of every Android device that’s ever been released. The amount of data we’ve collected is immense – thousands of data points on metrics such as shutter lag, shot-to-shot latency, time to first shot, sharpness, color accuracy and saturation, vignetting, color temperature – the list goes on,” said Josh Matthews, Apkudo CEO and co-founder. “We’re currently using that data to assist OEMs and Operators to improve their pre-launch devices, and we intend on now using it for the good of the ecosystem at large by helping the IEEE P1858™ Working Group set a standard for camera phone image quality.”

The IEEE P1858™ standard will address the fundamental attributes that contribute to image quality, as well as identify existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes. It will define a standardized suite of objective and subjective test methods for measuring camera phone image quality attributes, and it will specify tools and test methods to facilitate standards-based communication and comparison among carriers, handset manufacturers, and component vendors regarding camera phone image quality.

”We are excited to welcome Apkudo as an IEEE-SA Corporate Member,” said Mary Lynne Nielsen, director, corporate programs, IEEE-SA. ”Their expertise in analysis of the mobile sector will benefit the IEEE P1858 Working Group’s efforts in driving the CPIQ standard to fruition, and their practical experience will help stimulate widespread market adoption.” Apkudo joins a diverse and dynamic group of IEEE Standards Association corporate members that includes global platforms Google and Microsoft; telecom operator AT&T; graphics card developer NVIDIA; image processing companies Imatest and Omnivision Technologies; and semiconductor manufacturers Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices Inc., Intel, and AMD. The IEEE P1858 working group convened for the first time August 16-17, 2012 in Seattle.

About Apkudo Inc.
Apkudo is an Android innovation company that optimizes user experience and performance across the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Android devices and applications. Apkudo’s mission is to help the Android ecosystem overcome the major challenge inherent in the open nature of the Android platform: fragmentation.

Apkudo has offices in Sydney, Baltimore, Chicago, San Diego, and London. The Apkudo team includes deep research expertise with the Android operating system including optimization, usability and performance testing, and is focused on helping the ecosystem deliver the best possible user experience to Android device owners. Learn more at http://www.apkudo.com and email sayhi@apkudo.wpengine.com for additional information.

About the IEEE Standards Association
The IEEE Standards Association, a globally recognized standards-setting body within IEEE, develops consensus standards through an open process that engages industry and brings together a broad stakeholder community. IEEE standards set specifications and best practices based on current scientific and technological knowledge. The IEEE-SA has a portfolio of over 900 active standards and more than 500 standards under development. For more information visit the IEEE-SA website.

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