Apkudo Announces Device Testing for Kill Switch Compliance

Industry first to ensure the feature is properly implemented on devices to comply with new legislation

September 2, 2014 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the device experience assurance company, today announced the launch of ‘Confirmed Kill’ testing to verify and validate smartphone kill switch implementations. The test suite – an extension of Apkudo Approved device analysis – will ensure device kill switches meet the requirements of the law while providing the best possible user experience.

California State Senate Bill 962 – which was signed into law on August 25 and takes effect July 1, 2015 – mandates that device manufacturers implement extensive measures to protect consumers against the theft of mobile devices and the data they contain. These include the ability to remotely disable voice, data, and app capabilities if the device is lost or stolen, enabling of the kill switch by default, and forbidding the feature from being disabled by a hard reset.

“The bill attempts to balance the needs of the consumer with the freedom for manufacturers to comply in the way that best suits their platform,” said Josh Matthews, co-founder and CEO of Apkudo. “It does, however, put the onus on these manufacturers to integrate this kill switch functionality into incredibly complex mobile operating systems. This in turn will lead to issues with both fragmented compliance and fragmented user experiences.”

The Confirmed Kill test suite from Apkudo provides industry-first independent validation that ensures both correctness and effectiveness of kill switch implementations, and consistency in user experience.

Confirmed Kill has been added to the market-leading Apkudo Approved device test plan, which analyzes smart devices from both a technical and user experience perspective to determine how devices will perform in the real-world. It allows device manufacturers and service providers to uncover and fix any issues before launch and ensure the best possible user experience of their devices.

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