Apkudo Announces Apkudo Approved for Accessories

By September 17, 2013Press Releases

Pressy to test with Apkudo adroid_accessories

September 17, 2013 – Baltimore, MD – Apkudo, the Android innovation company, today announced the launch of Apkudo Approved for Accessories. The program – an extension of Apkudo Approved device analysis – will test pre- and post-market accessories in the context of Android devices to provide wireless operators, distributors, and retailers a comprehensive experience assessment above and beyond the limited testing done today. This analysis will expose likely areas of consumer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, providing the data to identify poor experience risks prior to approval to carry, stock, and sell.

Apkudo Approved for Accessories will cover everything ranging from screen protectors, covers and cases to new wearable technology like smart watches and other innovative accessories entering the market. Every accessory has the potential to dramatically impact the user experience of a device – even accessories as simple as carrying cases and screen protectors, which for example can alter the display, touch screen, and audio experience. Because Apkudo already deeply characterizes the experience of Android devices before launch, they are uniquely positioned to assess how accessories modify those experiences.

In conjunction with the launch of Apkudo Approved for Accessories, Pressy – the Almighty Android Button! has teamed with Apkudo to test the experience of their new plug-in accessory for Android devices. Pressy is a perfect example of pairing the innovation the Android platform allows with the smart solutions Apkudo is providing. Pressy, a button that lets you perform any action on your Android smartphone with a click, is currently funding on Kickstarter to mass produce http://kck.st/12MV2Jj.

“We are excited to work with Apkudo to characterize the performance and experience of Pressy over the hundreds of Android devices in the marketplace,” said Nimrod Back, Co-founder of Pressy. “The open and free Android ecosystem has provided us the environment in which to innovate and Apkudo will help us overcome the challenges naturally inherent in that environment.”

“Because accessories have the ability to change the device experience, it’s important to consider the impact an accessory has on a device rather than approving on specs and price alone,” said Josh Matthews, CEO of Apkudo.

“With Apkudo Approved for Accessories, wireless operators, distributors and retailers can improve customer satisfaction, reduce returns, and optimize accessory portfolios. Apple has ‘Made for iPhone’, and now Android has Apkudo Approved for Accessories.”

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